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Broken bone

Hi I suffer from APS after a stillbirth at 27 weeks and other problems. Every few months it seems I get diagnosed with something new. The most recent one is alarming. I was having awful pain in my right foot and after begging for an xray as i could hardly walk, they referred me for a CT scan. I was then told that i had snapped one of the bones in my foot, the docs insist I must have fallen or injured it and not remembered, now though i have had a letter to say I need to be tested for calcium and vitamin D deficiency and as for my foot well i am having an injection under ultrasound and then an operation sometime but its complicated as I am diabetic and on Clopidogrel. So for the meantime i am continuing to suffer the pain. Anyone else had anything like this???

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Hi there I am sorry about your foot, what a shock and this is well documented by Professor Hughes himself: Please take a short look at this paper: .

It is a good move that they are testing you re the Vit D and calcium as many with autoimmune disorders go on to be low in this. I have APS, and so do my sisters... My sister had a similar foot fracture, disbelieved, but nevertheless we got to the bottom of it!

There are other papers, but this might be a good one to give to the medical team. All the best Mary F x


Hi, sorry to hear about all your news, what a shock when you found out you broke a bone in your foot!!

Yes vitamin D deficiency is quite a common one in APS, I have been tested for it but been ok up to now with it..............many others on here may have had similar stories so hopefully they will share theres with you too.

Hope you are ok at mo' it must be so painful for you :(

All the best, Sue x


Really sorry to hear about this. Non traumatic metatarsal bone fractures are well documented in APS. I myself have suffered this and I do suffer from Vit D deficiency. I also interestingly am now gluten insensitive having failed the celiac tests but as you know the problem there is in proper absorption of vitamins. My Dietician is concerned about my calcium and it seems she was right as last wednesday I lost my balance, (as we do) walked into a door frame and broke a bone in my foot. I actually dont think in normally circumstances that it would have broken as badly as it has so I do think that it has something to do with either one of these conditions.

I can certainly vouch for how painful it is, I do hope you feel better soon. We shall hobble on together!! :-(



As Mary says 'spontaneous bone fracture' in the feet has been documented as an unexplained complication of Hughes Syndrome.

I have had numerous foot fractures (most caused by being trodden on by horses) they are very painful so I feel for you.

Hope it feels better soon xx


So sorry you are suffering. I too have had similar problems related to Vitamin D deficiencies. Blood tests taken every 6 months for 4 years showed this but the consultants never noticed - even while they were highlighted.

Suggestion to all. Take a list of questions with you to every appointment. One being to ask your Consultant to physically review all of your last blood test results with you. These days these results can be easily be pulled up on the computer screen instead of trying to find them in a mine field of notes.

Due to absortion problems I have regular Vitamin D injections. Vitamin D effects a whole host of functions & is a major cause of depression and bone density as examples. Your Consultant might want to schedule you for a bone density scan. Blood tests for calcium levels are not very reliable. Also if you take Amatrylptiline it is a drug renowned for giving false test results. I.e. False Negative protein levels in Lumber Punctures.

I wish you all the best. It can be so frustrating. You can purchase from Lupus UK books such as " The Consultants Guide to Lupus" & a similar one for Hughes Syndrome. They have so many books etc very reasonably priced both for patients & Doctors. My local Rheumi Consultant was a new person after he had read the book I paid £5.50 for.

Lupus UK are based in Romford and the web address to purchase gifts, christmas cards & books is:-

Ask for a copy of LUPUS UK Sales Brochure 2012 - 2013 or telephone 01708 731251.

They are ofcourse a registered charity.

Good Luck

Fiona. SLE, Hughes Syndrome, M.S., L Leg paralysis left over from broken back.


And of course we must plug Hughes Syndrome Foundation. Here is a link to their shop where their is many books at good prices and funds of course help with the cause!

Anyone who has not joined the Charity would do well to think about it as you get lots of goodies as a member......which reminds me my renewal is due..... :-)


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