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First Doctor's Visit

I was diagnosed with APS 2-3 years ago after a miscarriage. The doctor told me to take a baby asprin daily and that was it. Several months ago I started experiencing numbness on the tip of my big toe. During the past two weeks my toes on both feet, finger tips, and occasionally my arms become numb. I will have my first appointment with a neurologist tomorrow, any suggestions or specific questions I should ask? Any advise would be appreciated. I have other symptoms as well such as memory loss, headaches, fuzzy head, etc. but my immediate concern is the numbness.

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I had similar symptoms along with vision loss. My doc started me on heparin and warfarin until my symptoms started to go away and now I just take aspirin and plaquenil. Your APS may just be progressing and you may need something stronger. Sometimes APS mimics neurological problems when really it just has to do with your blood. good luck and keep us posted! Xoxo Nicole


Hi there I would say you need some rheumatology or haematology input, Also of course if you neurologist is very APS user friendly.... then perhaps some further guidance via St Thomas' and or the various medical papers available on the HSF website. Best of luck and keep us posted. Mary F x


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