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St Thomas's referral

I'm off up to London tomorrow for my referral with Prof Hunt. Its the first time I've been excited about going to a hospital!!! Just hope she can give me some answers to my problems.

Having seen the recent blog by Lissylou, and the answers given, I typed out all the info needed to take up with me. So thank you to all those who answered Lissylou's blog as it really helped me.

Take care

Jane x

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Good Luck - let us know how you get on. x


Hi hon

Good luck hon, I hope all goes well and you get some answers and treatment plan that works.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)



Hope your appointment went well x


Thanks for your replies. I'm on holiday with my husband in our motorhome in germany now and have just got internet! So thought I'd let you know London went well. Initially got seen by a male doctor. Didn't recognise his name. I asked him when I would be seeing Prof Hunt as I had come from Plymouth to see her and he went to find out. Eventually got to see Prof Hunt and she thinks most of my problems this year are because of lupus/aps although the complete loss of speech and related problems she doesn't know why it happened. She is asking my hospital for a copy of the MRI scan and that cognitive tests are done. I'm seeing her again at end of Oct.

She also told me I need to start exercising to build up my muscles and gave me info on Hydroxychloriquine. So I'm glad I went to finally get some answers.

Now we're relaxing by the River Rhine but its sooooo hot here!! Just had a lovely meal and trying to cool down a bit!!

Jane x


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