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Is Sporty1 still interested in similar-minded contacts?

Hi, Sporty1, and everyone.

I am new here, so I greet you all, and thank you for your concern about the reliability of information shared, for others who might find it. I did.

Yes, Sporty1, your experience has been usefuly shared: I was looking for side effects of Serrapeptase and found your account. If you are still around, I would like to hear how you have been, after at least 10 months of your treatment. If you would like to converse outside the dominant thinking, with someone whose experience, attitude to doctors, and thinking are similar (background in physics/maths), please contact me at There are a question or two I’d like to ask. There are also a few strategies I could share.

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Hello Sporty 2! Nice to have you with us. Is there anything in particular that you would like information on or are concerned about the reliability of anything in particular???

We like to share all info if possible on here :-)


Yes still around, have mailed you. Thanks for your post.

Maybe we can find a site that has PM (personal messaging) so as not to give email addresses out. (for anti spam reasons)


This site has PM (personal messaging) so you can exchange email addresses if you would like to do that in private. Just click on the name of the person you wish to send a PM to and under their name you will see "send me a message". Click on that and up will come the window to fill out and type your message title and content.

Hope that is helpful.


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