APS - confirmed

Received copy of the letter consultant sent GP most I dont understand and a bit I forgot he told me, but it states APS- confirmed thats the first time anyone has defiantly said yes to APS usually they say youve got sneddons and might have APS. It feels good that someone has finally confirmed what I always thought after years of doctors telling me it was all in my head.

sharon xx

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  • Hi Sharon

    Yaaaa!,! Great news, a confirmed diagnosis, I know it's weird, but is better knowing, then can deal!!! I felt such a sense of relief, I'm not nuts!!!

    Well maybe a bit!! :-) :-) :-)

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks Sheena family didnt understand why I was so happy knew someone on here would

    sharon xx

  • Me too Sharon! Almost in celebratory mood when I got my diagnosis. I think it comes as a relief to find out that you actually have a 'real' illness, and not making it all up or just 'in your head'!! Larraine x

  • Maybe a bit ????????????????????????????????

  • Sharon, your profile says you were diagnosed with apsv14 years ago.. Sorry to hear someome else has been sick so long... :)

  • was diagnosed with sneddons syndrome 14 years ago but they would not give me a dx of APS they thought all symptoms where because of sneddons but this new consultant has deceided that I have both APS and sneddons syndrome along with few others.

    Doesnt feel that long but thats mostly due to memory problems(sneddons) I dont rember what life was like before I became ill... sometimes I think thats a blessing other times hate not rembering important events.

    sharon xx

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