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Could this be Hughes related?

Here's an article my hubby found on AOL earlier....wondered if she just had Lupus....or possibly Hughes as well?

Sophia Brown - a contestant on Big Brother 10 - has reportedly passed away at the age of 30.

The 4ft 11in former banking assistant took part in the tenth series of the show, which was eventually won by Sophie Reade.

It is still unknown what caused Sophia's death. She had been suffering from Lupus since childhood, a condition that affects the immune system.

My sympathy goes out to her family & friends, R.I.P. Sophia.

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yes pause for thought etc etc! Mary F


How terribly sad such a waste of a life... it makes me so grateful to be here still breathing......albeit moaning aswell!!


RIP Sophia!!!


Hi Sue,

Yes there was a big thing when she went into the big Brother house that she had APS they kept calling it Lupus but it was APS, it is a shame another light gone out and cut short.



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