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finally i think i have the enoxaprin

needing an operation on right hip due to avascular necrosis, that has been progressing much faster than normal due to my a.p.s. and my other 3 bloob disorders, the surgery needs to be done as soon as possible- before it gets to a point that no doc would operate, after two weeks of appyling time after time , been told i had it, only to then be denied. the reason i neeed this is for the bridging- off the warfarin and plaquenel for 8 weeks. and while i am off the warf. and plaq. they want to retest my S and C protiens as now are ex tremely low. and the only way to accurately test them is to only be on the enoxaparin. the cost of this drug is 5500.oo dollars for one shot a day per/month . i need 2 per day 2 weeks pre-op and double dose 2 times a day starting hours after surgery. for 6 weeks of recovery. and i think some phyical tharepy also ,but i dont know how much ? i normally heal very fast, but in these circumstances and these drugs im not quite sure how it will go. if all goes as planned i will be going to surgery june 6 th. but i have to get some more pre-op tests done first. and then theres the anesthesiologist ????? this should be my last hurdle to get past !! rite now every thing looks good -- ???? {HORRAY} for now ????------------------------------------ jet

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Well I am so glad you got the Lovenox Jet! Sorry you have to have the surgery though. Sanofi Aventis is a tough company to get assistance through. My doc is still trying but for now I am using Fragmin through Eisai as they have a free program through 2012.

My fingers are crossed for you...and I am so happy it is finally working out for you. I am curious to know how your C and S proteins are after going off Coumadin. I have the same thing but it can be due to coumadin. I get tested this coming week.

Positive ++++++++++ thoughts coming your way !!!! I am {HORRAY'ing} with you !!!!!!!



morning Bev- i was put on that drug as it was speced by my hemo doc , i had to have 5 doc sign off on this as my a.p.s. and the other blood problems ,she is working directly with surgeon and no wiggle room at all.its this or not at all. the way i think they finally gave in is i went to them that had already refused me, with a copy of there app. page from my computer and said im going to try to contact them myself . and you are exactly rite. she looked at me in the face and asked me do you know how difficult it is for even us to get them to give it to us ? my reply was no but i have to do something here?? it then took about 2 hours and guess what, they here at concord hospital , contacted Dartmouth where surgury is being done, to the very other people that refused me were and by the time i got home [ about 15 minutes] dartmouth was calling saying they only needed i document to process this ????????????? they are also going for i year supply ???? thats just mind boggling ? but [horray ] 2 weeks of fighting and phone calls and appts. being approved ,then denided. it really took the wind out of my sails. but ill be more comfortable when the drugs are there in thier hands. if you are comfotable with talking on phone, that would be great!! let me know,and thanks very much for your support ------------------- mind gettig back on track jet


Hi jet

Great news hon. Everything crossed!!!!

Keep fighting and smiling :-) :-)

Roll on after surgery and its all ok!!!

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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