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Does phlebitis in surface veins show up in an ultrasound?

I have had a couple of leg venous ultrasounds, which I passed with flying colors, in the past year. But recent developments -- pain goes away with higher INR, the stronger the leg muscles get, now that I have returned to exercise and PT --the less pain in my legs I feel -- All suggest that the DVT-like pain (and yes, I have had DVTs) was indeed DVTs, even though the ultrasound said I was fine.

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Phlebitis. is I think is inflammation of the vein have you had a doppler test on your leg look up intermittent cauldication ( wrong spelling) but nearly right look it up on the web and see if you think it could be what your are feeling see you gp .If you think you may have aniother dvt see your gp soon

karen xx


The pain in my leg (complex also pain in my sacroilliac joint) had been ongoing for well over a year. There were times when my varicose veins were distended more then usual and ached. Those were the times I had sonograms which, I was told, were both negative for clots. But since I raised my INR from its former @ 1.8 up to 2.8 the pain in the veins has totally resolved.


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