Sore throats

Hi every one I was just wondering if anyone gets repeat sore throats. I'm getting them once a month at the moment at it worries me or could this just be a random thing or thyroids. Sorry for the random question but wasn't sure who else to turn to. H x

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  • Hi

    Not me, but I am always getting mouth ulcers and ? nose ulcers. Hope it gets better soon

    Karen xx

  • I have had a sore throat that comes & goes for a few months. I'm not sick though. It seems like my throat is just really dry. I have also had a dry mouth & eyes. Sometimes when I am at work and can't take a drink of water my throat gets so dry it sticks & I start to gag lol not sure if it's the same with you. It's always something random lol hope it isn't anything serious.

  • It could be thyroid but more likely could also be a sign of Sjogrens which is well known to run with Hughes. Do you also get dry eyes by any chance?

  • Hi there, yes I get those all the time, in fact I have one at the minute, not good but I find hot lemon works for me. I do think it is from the thyroid but am not sure. tc.

  • I never get sore throats, not had one for around twenty years... however if someone around me has one, I have the most diabolical reaction to it, a full flare of everything, if it has strep it it... that just about does me in. Mary F x

  • Do you have enlarged lymph glands in your neck concurrent with the sore throats?

  • Yeah I think mine might be thyroid I'm having a test for it next week so will soon find out. And no I don't have enlarged lymph glands not that I can feel any way. H x

  • No doc said something to do with my antibodies being to high i know when they are low becasue i then get tonsilitus bloody annoying


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