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Second lot of results back and both were positive , downside the one 10,000 fragmin shot didnt make one blind bit of difference so its gone from one 2 two , my stomach is a blanket of bruises but oh well if thats the price 2 pay , then so be it , but staring on warfarin soon plus one shot till i reach an INR of 4.5 and see how thats goes , fingers crossed .

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Well done with your progress, keep your chin up. MaryF


Thankyou Mary .... x


Well done you - just a note I have been injecting for over 8 years - try holding the syringe at an angle when injecting, also dont let out all the air from needle that the fragmin comes out before - that way it wont sting as much.

Good luck with the warfarin.


Thankyou for your reply .... i do i do lol .... but nothing seems 2 stop the bruising , even done one in front of the consultant at the hospital , she said omg ur better than some of the nurses haha , so i dont know why its bruising so easily , must just be my body that doesnt like it ... x


When I am bridging for a surgery I have to use shots. I am purple for months. Plus I make scar tissue every where I have injected. This last time I injected on my sides and I had much better luck.


Hi Jilly

Maybe the 10,000 IU dose of Fragmin is not the correct therapeutic dose for your body weight. I am 76kg and my dose is 15,000IU od.


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As Dave says perhaps the dose is something to discuss, I would have thought that 2 x 10,000 is a bit high. May be 10,000 plus clopidogrel???

I always do my injections before going to sleep so in bed last thing to avoid more movement after injection. I found I bruised if I moved within 10 minutes of the injection. Sometimes, like you I go through a phase and no matter what I do I bruise and get lumps. Get them to check your thyroid and your ferritin as when both were low thats when I was at my worst.


I wish you the best of luck. I am not happy you R sick. But feels better knowing what it is! Take care :)


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