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  • Hmmm..... the first report is very suspect as it talks about tablets of heparin??? Never heard of them!! I think they mean warfarin but you would think the DM would get their facts straight before writing this article! Pat Hagan of the Daily Mail needs to do more research before misleading the public as it just goes to their credibility when they write on other medical matters.

  • Yes the Daily Fail is not known for attention to accurate detail! MaryF

  • Thank you Mary!

    Dangerous going to the hairdresser as it looks like.

    Lucky I am to wash my hair the evening before and only cut my hair. She can spray some water if she needs to.


  • Good for you. MaryFx

  • The only way I had a baby with this condition was with naturally occurring progesterone from the wild yam plant (I had to have it shipped up from Brazil in refrig truck, back in the mid 90's, taking up to 12 a day, at 11 dollars each -- she is my priceless child). I lost 3 babies with synthetic injections before trying this way. I was still sick, and had many complications and have never been able to have more children, but it's worth noting for those who may consider it with the right doctor overseeing.

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