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Dr Daniel Wallace- Los Angeles

Just secured an appointment with this rheumatologist in LA. Apparently he is good friends with Professor Hughes and I think they have similar platforms of treatment.

I had to "apply" to get an appointment by sending over my records, but they accepted me which lends me to think that maybe there is hope.

Anyone here a patient of Dr Wallace and can offer insight?

Diagnosed Aug 2014, mild APS, no known clotting events. Just feel crummy all of the time.



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I hope it goes well for you, do let us know after you have been along. MaryF


I hope all goes good with your apt, I live in Washington and was diagnosed with APS over 2 years ago, I too have not had a major clotting event but had muscle and joint aches and pains on and off over several years as well as other low grade aps symptoms and this summer I saw an amazing Rheumatologist in Spokane WA, I have a friend with aps that goes to him and she encouraged me to go to see him and he ran extensive blood tests he told me that aps can be with or without inflammation, and when he ran the tests and for the first time I had specific lupus antibodies, it is the ANA9 test my ds dna and ss dna were positive as well as anticardiolipin igm and another antibody, my regular ana is always negative, so I now have a diagnosis of Lupus as well as aps, it's rare to be diagnosed with lupus after aps, my friend was also diagnosed with lupus after aps, I wanted to share this so you can have the doctor you're going to see run these more extensive tests for you I am now on 300mg hydroxichloroquine as well as 81mg asprin, I feel so grateful to finally know why I have felt so terrible for so long, I hope all goes good for you and you get a treatment that will help you.


Oh wow that is encouraging!!! I will definitely keep updating.


Marlene Florrie, need a good rheumatologist in Spokane, can u please find out his name?


I sent you a private message with that info, please let me know how things go.


I just had a consultation with this Dr. today. He asked me a lot of questions. I provided him with copies of a lot of blood tests that I had already taken and he had me take a lot more. Some tests were repeats of some I had already taken and some were new. He came across as being annoyed by some of my questions. But that is Okay by me. He told me he would send me the results in 7 to 10 days. I took the initiative to seek him out as opposed to being referred to him by my primary care physician. Maybe that is what annoyed him. I don't know. But, there isn't a doctor on earth that cares more about my well being more than I do. So I think I should take the initiative to find the best care I can. My HMO didn't seek out an APS specialist to send me to. And thank you, Kelly in Texas, for telling me about this Dr.

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Ehc19, best of luck and keep us current.

APSinHB keep us posted too🙂


You are welcome... let's see how it pans out. I have no idea, you'll have to let us know! Thanks for sharing.


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