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Vission: Floaters?



This will be my first post. I am hoping for some information and help, regarding side effects and vision. I apologize for the long length.

My Mother will be 87 on Sunday and she has been having terrible headaches (migraines). She is getting floaters in her vision, numbness in her face and sometimes down her arm. She is now terrified that she is having mini strokes. They have done multiple tests and have found nothing. Her doctors have tried to reassure her that everything is fine: She does not believe them.

They have been adjusting her Cumadin dosage over the last few weeks; I am sure this is the culprit and this is why:

As a teenager (54 now), I had them. It started with amebas floating in front of my eyes and having the feeling that I was physically standing behind glass (Like a child watching toys through a window with hands and nose pressed against it). Shortly after that, the tingling started and then the numbness. It affected the right side of my face then my tongue went numb all the way down my throat, then the fingers on my right hand. My Father thought someone had slipped me LSD, (at 15 the chances of stroking out is pretty small) and he was the one who went with me for all the tests (not going to explain my family dynamics just that my dad was always the one with me) and procedures. My diagnosis was “Complicated Migraines”. My last migraine happened in 1989, I was ok with that, trust me.

Jumping ahead 20 years, I started taking an herbal supplement (for something very personal and embarrassing, leave it at that), the ones that tell you to take for 30 days before you my see results. After probably 7 to 10 days of taking this supplement, the floaters began. I was at work (38miles) and panicked that I would not make it home before all the symptoms kicked in. I left work went straight home and never got a headache. This was not a bad thing; it was great actually, as if I dodged a bullet. However, the floaters continued starting me on the quest to what was causing them. Yes, you guessed it; my herbal supplement was a vasodilator. As soon as I stopped taking them, the floaters went away.

PLEASE, if anyone has or had symptoms similar to this your responses may bring her more comfort than anything we have been trying to tell her.

Thank you for your time and patients.

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Hello and welcome

May I ask you and/or your mother have a diagnosis of APS/Hughes Syndrome? As this is a forum for people who have.


maybe61 in reply to Manofmendip

Sorry! No, my error I thought it was for Cumaden.

Manofmendip in reply to maybe61

That's ok.

Some of the symptoms you mention can be symptoms of APS/Hughes Syndrome. Have a look at our charity's website and, if you think you may have the symptoms described, please request the tests cited on the website.



If you and your mother are on Warfarin/Coumadin, have either of you been tested for Hughes Syndrome/APS? Here are the tests:

and I am guessing you are in the USA, so this charity has a list of useful doctors, some in the USA:

This forum is for those with Hughes Syndrome/APS, it is a good idea to get tested if you suspect it.


Hi maybe61,

I think you and your mother should have a test for APS.

I recognize those details regarding the right part o your body and numbness even the right side of your tongue. I had that too.

I wonder if you are both on Warfarin? I am on warfarin and these symptoms disappeared when I started Warfarin. The problem is, if you have APS, that the doctors do not know that we have too thick blood and need to be properly anticoagulated to miss those microembolies causing our problems. I have an INR of 3.2 - 3.8. This is more than for "normal" warfarin-patients. We need an Expert on APS. Very important!!

If you test positive you will have help from this site so stay here.

Read also "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray and what the others have told you today regarding doctors and info from this site.She describes a lot of similar symptoms as she has APS herself. Please let us hear how it goes for you. Good Luck.

Best wishes to you and your mother from Kerstin in Stockholm

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