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Success At The Eye Doc & Maybe Plaquinil???

Hello Mary, Not so fab and all my MOST AWSOME CAMRADES! I must say Mary u and not so fab have a wonderful sense of humor! I'll start collecting too as a hobby too!!! I went to my MOST AMAZING EYE DOC YESTERDAY!!! Not to my surprise He Knew all about APS and collecting autoimmune diseases along with this!!! Omg I was there for almost 3 hours! He put me thru a battery of tests! He said I could go in Plaquinil because he took these tests and said to come back in 6 months and I will be tested again! These were baseline tests and in six months if no changes I can stay on Plaquinil! They say Sojerns is difficult to DX? Is that true! I read it on a card they gave me, that they check for markers! Also is been 4 months and my COOMADIN levels are 1.6 on hi doses of Warfarin! Is this because I have thick blood? Does that make it harder! My local Hemotologist said I was very difficult to control! My answer was Well doc did you expect anything else from "Me?" He said no, but was hoping! Also when I asked him why he wanted me between 2-2.5, he said they use to think that! He said the parameters have changed! Have they changed! I must also apologize for my down trodden attitude wen I found out I had RA also! I really wasn't surprised because I had JRA WHEN I was 6 years old and that same exact pain I experienced as a child ( my mom got tired of saying its growing pains) was in my swollen stiff and weak hands! I've always prided myself as being a physically strong woman, who now can't open a can of cat God for my 3 babies! I felt low and poorly and was having a pity party for myself, which is very unusual for me! I started walking again and that helps my stress levels! I also joined the anxiety support group and I try to answer those in need of someone to talk to! If I can HELP ONE PERSON THEN ITS ALL WORTH IT TO ME! PAY IT FORWARD! I'm honored to know all of you!!! You all have helped me in ways you'll never know!!! I'm back with my fighting gear on!!! Lol... GODSPEED

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Good for you, onwards and upwards as they say in most places.. keep well and trotting on forward... you will soon be a star patient. MaryF

ps info re INR:


Wow u r just the best! Thank you! How r you feeling my dear? I hope we'll and keep that sense of Awesome Brittish humor! My Dad had this dry weird sense of Humir and I attributed that to being Brittish!!! Lol...


Hi Deb, what a wonderful attitude you have, after all you have been through. Keep soldiering on! Di.


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