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APS and Morphea

Around 25 years ago I was diagnosed with the skin condition Morphea for which I received variou courses of treatment,whilst I still have the characteristic matches of pigmented skin it stabilised and I was discharged over 20 years ago. I have recently been diagnosed with APS.

Whilst I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself now having another little known about condition in APS I thought I would do a little bit more research and came across this on the Sclero website ( – that states that the same antibodies have been associated with both Morphea and APS.

Has anyone got this combo?

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Hi there I have found some more articles for you to look at:



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Thanks Mary - I will take a look. I want to be armed with as much info as poss when I finally get to see a rheumatologist/APS specialist.


Hi Nicbay,I get these weird red lumps that cover the whole of my hands every now and then. Prof Khamashta said it is tiny clots that build up under the skin surface due to poor circulation. I have even repeatedly lost toe nails as well because of circulation. I think there are lots of weird and wonderful things APS causes. I hope you get the answers you are looking for and an APS specialist can help X


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