Referral Done!

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you for giving me great advice and support, because of you I now have a referral to a hematologist and that's in Truro, Cornwall :) :) :)

I have also spoken to my Kinesilogist, my Doctor and my Neurologist, they all agree the "ionic silver" is not impeding on the warfarin or my blood I was told to keep taking it if it makes me feel better! Please know I am thankful to all those that have given me advise it's all invaluable :)

Take care all

Best wishes


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  • Good on you and well done for seeing it all through. I also take quite a few supplements as long as you check them out with the right people things can be ok. Please prepare for your consultation, right a brief history of symptoms and events to date, as it will help you not forget anything on the day and maximize what you get out of your appointment MaryF

  • Thank you Mary,

    I did learn that lesson a long time ago I also carry a list of the drugs I take! :)

    I will prepare though :)

    Take care

    Best wishes


  • Well done Paul.

    Hope it turns out well for you.

    Keep us informed.

    Blessings Ann

  • Thank you Ann, yr so kind I hope life guides you to the right people in yr life!

    Take care

    Best wishes

    Paul :)

  • Well Done ! Good Luck

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