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On clopidogrel, going on a 4.5 hour flight - do I need more?

Hello all. We have just booked a last minute holiday in the half term - very excited! I've never travelled before since being diagnosed with APS. my diagnosis (from St Thomas's) is obstetric APS. I've never had any clots/ strokes etc, 'just' the miscarriages. I'm on 75mg clopidogrel (and plaquenil). I've read the stuff about flying on the HSF website. The flight is 4.5 hours. Should I be asking my GP about whether I need any additional blood thinner or should I try to contact prof K? Do I even need to bother seeing as I've never had any clots?

Many thanks :)

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I too am on Clopidogrel and I have just returned from my six monthly check-up with Prof Hughes. Flying was one of my questions and he said I would be the safest passenger on board either short haul or long haul. Hope this helps.


You might try increasing your chances for a seat with max leg room , ( assuming you're flying economy class,) by bring a written note signed by your doctor with your diagnosis and a reccommendations that you not sit in a cramped position for long periods of time.


Thank you! I spoke to prof K's secretary and she asked him, he said I'll be fine with the normal clopidogrel dose.

Do you wear the special compression stockings (is that what they're called??) when flying?


They are definitely worth the modest outlay.I had a dvt after a 3 1/2 hour flight although I was not on any medication at the time and had no compression stockings.The dvt led to my APS diagnosis.


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