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Radio Program which may be of interest

Lupus UK have posted the following.

Tomorrow from 12-2pm BBC Three Counties Radio will be doing a feature on #lupus. It will include interviews with people with lupus, Prof David D'Cruz from the Louise Coote Lupus Clinc and Jan Roberts (trustee of LUPUS UK). It should be a great show.

You'll be able to listen at (12:00 Sunday 6th October)

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For any interested, you can find it for the next week at It starts about .7.mins 20 in. Largely about Lupus with sufferers ringing in but at about 1 hr 04 Dr De Cruz talks about a question sent in asking about the rumours as to the future of the Louise Coote unit. He mentions the re-organisation that appears to be aimed at getting the more acute side of many conditions at St T's with less acute going to Guys. He assures the listeners that the Unit is NOT closing down- though at some time in the future it may move to Guys.


Unless seriously ill lupus patients are to be treated at Guys in the future, I suggest that a cure for lupus may be easier to achieve that seeing the experienced team through the ether whilst visiting the team at a re-located unit in the future. (If hospitalised lupus patients are deemed acute)

My understanding was that the unit was to move to guys sometime in the next 18 months. I wonder if the entire team will move.


I got from what he said that Tommies was to become the more acute services centre and Guys the outpatient services with specific other services. Given these two Hospitals are so close in order to save money they will have to cut out duplication so services are going to merge. You are going to see one Hospital turn into a cutting edge acute service Hospital and the other where people go for out patient clinics.

What they dont tell you is if the appointments you will be given, be they in the acute services or the out patient clinics, will require you to get a new referral every time you want to come back or if you will be just seen on the day and be discharged as is the case for many of the clinics now in Guys. That I fear will be the $64,000 question.


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