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Heart flutters and shortness of breath

I was diagnosed with angina in 2009 but luckily have been quite good chest pain wise since then.

Now though I am having very regular heart flutters, not what I understand to be palpitations. They take my breath away and for a few seconds I am light headed.

Often through the day I feel light headed, and lately any form of excitement be it good or bad, like laughing leaves me feeling like my head will explode for a few seconds.

It's all very weird but people think it is my age, 51, if so should I just ignore it hope it doesn't get worse, I don't know. After years of negative tests I feel seeing Dr's is pointless. Though I am Anti Ro positive.

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Have you had your Thyroid tested? I went through a period recently with very similar symptoms. My thyroid was tested and my TSH was in the low part of the "normal" range. As I have autoimmune thyroid Disease I asked to be referred to an Endo so I could have more in depth Thyroid tests done and sure enough my FT3 and FT4 were in the low part of the range. he also said I was under supplemented for my weight. After 2 months of taking an extra 25mcgs of Thyroxin those palpitation like symptoms have all gone.

But in answer to your question, No dont ignore it. Even if it is not the above it could be peri menopause but that still could mean you need some tinkering with medication. Best to find out whatever.


I had my thyroid done, well TSH, last year. I have had it done so many times over 25 years but always 'normal' I did once have thyroid antibodies done and they were normal.

Because I am in peri no doubt I am sure the GP will brush it off. Feeling like this is quite new to me, in terms of months.

Today I had reason to be upset ( not uncommon with a teenager in the house) but stood up I was shaking and so light headed I thought I would faint. That is very unusual for me. I'm generally quite tough that way.


I have that and have had a complete cardo work up. They did not find anything and they think it is from stress. I have had this symptom for over 20 years and have never had a heart problem and I am still here. I would just try to have a cardo work up if you can to make sure there is nothing wrong, and don't stress.



Hi, I would go back to your Gp and ask for a referral to a cardiac consultant.

Have you had a 24 hr ECG, box which you wear for 24 hrs.

Wishing you well,I had this a couple of weeks ago. Horrid

Isn't it

I thought it might be due to the lack of fluids. It had been hot and I hadn't drunk much at all.made a difference to my Inr needed my Warfarin to be increased.


Hi Jade

If you feel thyroid may be a culprit in spite of 'normal' tests, there is a brilliant book written by an American functional medicine doctor, Datis Kharrazian, called 'Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal?'. I don't know if you have read this book but if you haven't, he has a lot of fascinating information in there about the thyroid that I have never read anywhere else. It may give you some insights into your symptoms and it's written by a respected doctor so the medical profession can't just brush it aside as irrelevant as they so often like to do!

Good luck Jade x


Until I treated my slow thyroid, and by the way I like countless other people failed the usual thyroid tests, I had huge palpitations, which would come on late in the evening, I no longer get these to the same extent. Do consider joining TUK and reading some of the posts on there, Professor H, also noticed by slow thyroid reflex in the feet! I ended up going privately via a nutritionist and then through private and detailed testing labs, however this is pricey. Mary F x


I did have a 24 monitor in 2009, the consultant felt I had angina but was afraid to put me on a treadmill due o my ill health.

I have never known symptoms like the ones I am having right now, with the flutters I am spending nearly all day feeling like my head is full of cotton wool and focusing on things is very hard.


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