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I was diagnosed with APS after 2 miscarriages. I had one meeting with a nurse specialising in thrombolitic disorders who informed me of symptoms of APS I need to look oit for and what I would need to do if I got pregnant.

I have since had a healthy baby boy, but does anyone else in similar position to me have regular reviews or checks on your blood in hospital? Feel a bit left in the dark!

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Do you have a good relationship with your GP, as presumably they hold some of the correspondence, there may be some clues in there, and you may ask at this stage to be referred to the correct specialist. You are right to want to clarify this. It is not good to be left in limbo. I was after my children were born, not even told about APS due to not passing tests. I feel a lot better since trying to bring it all together. Let us know how you get on. It might mean contacting the specialists secretary who you were under to extract information or letters etc.. Sometimes we have to chase... but if your GP is good they should do this for you. Mary F


Thanks Mary. I will try and get my GP to help.


Great just take in your list of events, symtpoms, things which happened and questions to be answered and tidied up for you in your area. I always do this, as I tend to forget half of it until I am back home at the wrong end of the bus route! Mary F x


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