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Just wondered how i go about getting refered to Dr Hughes in London . I have been under my Haemotogist for 7 years and diagnosed with Lupus anticoagulant / anti phospholipid syndrome but feel when my old consultant moved to a different hospital i no longer receive support from the new team or they just make me feel like i am imagining my symptoms and dont seem at all interested in my appointment like i am more of a hassle to them. I dont have a great relationship with my Gp either as i have recently moved house / practices. I only get support from my anti coag clinic but that is a different hospital than my haemotogist. I just want support and understand and some1 to tell me i am not going mad and help me learn about this condition

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Hi there, Professor Hughes does not work in the NHS and longer, however, you can ring up his secretary at London Bridge Hospital, where he works privately and do your own referral, These is a bit of a wait, but well worth it.

Mary F


Hi. I agree with Maty. Google for The London Lupus Centre, it's at the london Bridge Hospital, and phone up and ask for an appointment with Professor Hughes. They are very helpful and may try to offer you an earlier appointment with one of the Prof's colleagues but tell them that you want to see Professor Hughes himself. I phoned in November and I am seeing him next week.

Good luck and best wishes.



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