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went to hospital last tuesday as had been lying on sofa for three days, exhausted and dizzy,the nurse who assesed me had never heard of APS.she struggled to take my blood,trying three seperate sites before getting any,saying "ooh, your blood is clotting, you must be dehydrated"the Dr said I was dehydrated because my tongue was dry, I tried telling her that my tongue is always dry and I have a spray for it.Got sent home,made sure I drank plenty of fluids but dizzyness and exhaustion lasted a few more days.Not really convinced that dehydration was the answer.

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Hi Donna

That is so bad and you should make a formal complaint to the hospital.

Best wishes.



I agree with what Dave is saying above I would be inclined myself to re educate them also, give both members of staff the relevant papers regarding Hughes Syndrome... I do every time I come across this. Mary F x


thanks, spending all my energy trying to get my diagnoses reinstated at present,and keep well enough for short break on 25th,think I have been overdoing things lately,does anyone else always get ill just before they go away, lol every time I am about to go away I get ill, think oh no, won,t be able to go, then get better just in time.


I find I keep plugging away, going in to work as unscheduled absence is a factor for performance management where I work (as for most I'm sure). By the time I get to any holiday booked I am usually absolutely shattered and sometimes end up on the sofa for a number of days.


poor you (hugs)


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