A skydive to raise awareness

Well, tomorrow I will write a letter to my chest physician, in the absence of any other doctor, to ask him if he considers me well enough to do a skydive. My lungs are pretty shot, it seems probably from a lifetime of undetected PE's and emphysema.

I am hoping my oxygen levels will be high enough to both allow me to fly, then skydive without the need for oxygen. The next big hope would be for a gentle landing, as I am on warfarin, and my INR is kept around 3.5.

If he agrees, then I want to and intend to do my jump in aid of raising awareness for APS. If this is all possible, does anyone know if I could get any advertising bits to advertise our cause? and of course the jump?

In the meantime, please keep fingers crossed, I will be allowed to do this.



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  • Hi lesley

    yes there is help when you know i can see what i can get for you. I would like to say i think you are a very brave lady and will help where we can


  • Hi Paddy, some say brave some stupid :D

    Me? I say neither, just doing what I can,

    to help! when i was in the wheelchair, and unable to walk, I did my first skydive...... I am wondering now, if that was and unrecognised APS event! way back in 94

    If I can make one more person aware of this disease then it will be worth it, and many many thanks for your offer of help :)

    As soon as I know I will add to this blog!

    Many smiles :)


  • Hi Lesley

    That's really brave of you! The HSF charity has had many APS patients do parachute jumps on our behalf and, I'm plesed to say, all of the sucessful :)

    We use a very well-established company called Skyline. If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, please get in touch with me so I can get you signed up - they do jumps from all over the UK. I can also send you awareness information to help with your fundraising and help promote your skydive.

    Hope all goes well for you :)


  • Thanks Kate

    That is fantastic, well fingers crossed I can do it :)

  • Well the letter has gone... so now waiting for the answer :)

  • fingers crossed

  • Fingers can all be uncrossed - I have had the go ahead from my chest specialist ..... Yayyyyyyyy I can do the skydive :)))

    A very very close friend of mine is going to jump also, in part to support me, but mainly to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, which her teenage son is a sufferer -so there will be 2 of us jumping :))

    So to Paddy and Kate, if you could possibly let me know what I need to do and how you can help me I would very much appreciate it.

    My email addy is - lesley_dale@me.com



  • THat is fantatstic news will speak to Kate and get her to send details throught and i will pull up info as well.


  • Hiu Lesley

    Kate wil be getting in touch ASAP with company names etc, to get sponsership from the guys on here as well as everyone else you may want to us Just Give


    If you want once you have a date ect i will send it around all the forums ,


  • Thanks Paddy :)

  • Bravo Lesley! I have sent you an email on how to register etc. Glad you'll be jumping with a friend - I think it helps you get over the last minute nerves and makes the whole day more fun :)

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