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A second diagnostic blood test

I am negative for the anti cardiolipins but very strongly positive for beta2glycoprotein (10 times the accepted limit). I have had late miscarriages, possible TIA's, lost a lot of my speech, colour vision, and memory. Also a problem with my bones.

My consultant who I reckon is brilliant never requested a second test just put me straight on warafrin - HUGE improvements in sight and speech within the first week.

I'm worried when I go St Thomas' they'll question not having the second test. But I know they treat people who are sero-negative. Do you think not having a second blood test is an issue?

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I don't know but they should go with your consultant, I think, and look at the improvement since you have been on Warfarin.

Best wishes.



When I saw Prof Hughes, he happened to mention that he did not agree with the guideline to retest people 12 weeks later to be sure the tests weren't a false positive. In your case, the test obviously wasnt a false positive since you have classic manifestations and the treatment has helped you greatly. Since the antibodies can come and go, repeating the test in your case just runs the risk of you testing negative and an MD who doesn't know as much about APS later questioning your diagnosis.


Salty - thank you so much - I have been a bit worried about this and now you have put my mind at rest :)

Sorry to be thick but what does MD mean?


Its the American terminology for a Doctor!


I should add that St T's tend to do Blood tests when you go anyway so the fact that they may well repeat the tests should not worry you. They just want to check that everything is doing ok. They are not going to withdraw an obviously helpful treatment protocol so I would stop worrying about that. As for a diagnosis, I doubt they will even bring it up as it should be about reviewing you and how you are doing. x


Thanks :) (yet again!!) x.


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