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My Memory Issue - trying to perform in a stressful environment - frustration, fatigue and fear of the future - any sharers? Any answers?

I am having real trouble in retaining information and losing my train of thought half way through making a point. I have quite a stressful job which I only started in February so am concerned that my lack of articulation will cause me issues. I am using a new software system and having trouble in retaining how to do things on it and whilst I have no problems when writing, my speech in meetings etc is I feel, impaired.

I am finding the whole situation very frustrating. I also don't sleep well and wake up every morning with a headache. I'm currently on Clopidrogel and have been for years since Graham Hughes agreed to my coming off warfarin which I found far too invasive to living life.

Both my parents have suffered strokes and in my father's case it has triggered vascular dementia. I'm tired and emotional much of the time and it's so stressful trying to perform sharply during the day that I'm taking it out on my loved ones when I come home. I'm frightened of the future and what it might hold.

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Hi Trai

Time to go back to see Prof Hughes I think.

I was on Warfarin for 10 years and then found that it had stopped helping me. I went back to see Prof Hughes and he put me on Fragmin and I feel much much better. No blood tests, no watching what I eat, just a shot in the tummy in the morning and that's it. Tummy gets bruised, so not so good in swimming trunks but then i never wear them. lol

Best wishes.



Hi Trai

As Dave mentions i think you need a review. I was in a similar situation last year and i knew i was not performing well the more i stressed about it the worse it was as the lack of sleep just makes coping so much worse - hence vicious circle. For me i needed a higher inr as my sticky blood was a major factor i also did have to change jobs.

Do you work full time? i have only worked part time due to fatigue issues and all the symptoms you describe re retaining information improved once i had an higher inr, it still is an issue today and a symptom of my inr being out of target.

I am still in a redeployed role but to lose the stress i was under and not feel so fatigued once home it was as tho i became a new person! I manage the fatigue by walking every day gradually building up the walks in length and intensity. I then slept better due to tiredness which over ruled fatigue if that makes sense ;)

Home time is so important and i really do understand how the frustrations affects those you love it is unfortunately but bound to happen with the stresses and cognitive issues you described. To help break the sleep cycle i was fortunate i had an understanding GP who gave me zopliclone i took half a tablet and only used it if really necessary with stresses as sleep becomes non restorative.

I have adjusted to a pay cut now was a shock but in balance having a home life not just a work life where my days off were only to recover to get back to work was well worth the change. I hope you can get a review get your blood antibody levels checked - it could be you now need better anti coagulation and then can perform well or it may need that plus a less stressful role. Good luck keep us updated how you get on love kathyx



Thanks Kathy and Dave. Funnily enough, just been out for a walk and have also ordered a new mattress to try to induce sleep. Dave, I do self inject Clexane when on flights longer than 4 hours. Just getting fed up with feeling like I'm hungover! Got discharged from Dr Hughes clinic last year after 13 years of reviews but maybe it was too soon!


I also think you need to look at your anticoagulation again. if warfarin is going to make life difficult then do a fragmin trial and see ho it works out over a 6-8 week period. At least then you will know if its going to work and if not you may have to seriously consider readjusting your work/home life to a less stressful schedule.


Hi there, yes to all info offered above, please go back and have your care plan reviewed.. and in the mean time.. bullet points.. I use them for everything, although having written very useful lists for myself... quite often my husband goes off with them and then rings me from work to ask me what he is supposed to be doing. He DOES NOT have Hughes Syndrome etc! Mary F x


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