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I was diagnosed 10 years ago with hs. It started around the age of 25 I am aged 46. My problem is not life threatening but when they flare up the little sores do flare up. I have learnt to live with my condition. My hs only affects what I can wear in summer I cannot wear sleeveless or spaghetti strap tops. I have pain when my cysts flare but like I said I live with it go to work etc. I have had physical jobs in the past just took paracetamol and never took a day off sick. Not saying I am a martyr just worked in companies that disciplined you for a 1st absence etc. I still cry in pain the odd time but like the dermatologist/gp said nothing we can do except prescribe this medication or that. I refused to take anymore antibiotics. I am lucky to not have hs severe after reading the stories on here. I have used a mixture of hibiscrub and when I can't afford the prescription I use dettol bar soap and mepore self adhesive dressings to stop friction.

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