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Monthly hidradenitis infection fever

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I’ve be suffering for many years with it in my armpits( painful, not like to look at) . Then about a year ago it started in the groin area .

I’ve tried many creams. I started doxycycline at the beginning of June ( had a 2 week break whilst abroad in July as told)

I am having monthly flare ups where it makes me extremely ill. I get a 4-5 day fever where the swearts, vivid dreams are awful and nothing reduces the fever , (I’m on cocodamol , oral morph ) so every time it happens I’ve to take 4 x 500g Flucloxacillin for a week.

Gp told me to stop doxycycline as it doesn’t appear to be doing anything - this was 3 weeks ago.

On Tuesday I notice a small lump , by Wednesday it was quite big so start Flucloxacillin. On Thursday I saw a nurse and she told me to double the dose . By Thursday night I was extremely ill , fever , sweats , no appetite , or drinking . To the point where I was nearly taken to hospital . Now Sunday evening I’m beginning to feel a bit more normal and I feel the lumps are coming to a head.

Looking back it appears to happen around ovulation, is that’s a possible cause ?

Also should I still be so ill with a fever or I’m taking antibiotics or is the Flucloxacillin not doing anything.

It concerns me how ill it makes me. I didn’t pee for 26 hours which can’t be good either, and there seems to be a monthly pattern.

Should I ask to go back to dermatologist?

I’m also trying zindiclin gel but doesn’t seem to be doing anything .

Any advice would be really appreciated and how to approach my doctor

6 Replies

I've had hs in my groin and buttocks for 13years now have been on so many different medications for it as well as fluclocacillin when flare up is bad so I'm constantly on antibiotics and have to double up as suggested to you i also take co-codamol, tramadol and oramorph for pain relief but to be honest nothing works long term, I went back to dermotoglyst who put me in Erythromycin which has sort of helped yes unfortunately ovulating does not help I find I'm worse when ovulation and due on, also stress causing mine alot too, I also use hibiscrub for my baths and also salt baths too.


I find when I am on my period as well I will notice my HS wants to flare because of wearing pads, the pads and underwear combined rubbing in my groin on my HS. I would start my antibiotics if I feel I’m going to have a flare up catch it before it even starts. I take keflex which works almost instantly. Spiroton I take daily it keeps the HS away. (For me that is, I haven’t seen much people in here saying they tried these medications) *it doesn’t technically go away I still have the hole or 2 but the tube or tunnel is sort of gone and scar*

I was wondering where to buy the hibiscrub? Is this by prescription or over the counter?


Hi Jessica you can buy it on amazon and at the chemist also.


Thanks so much, heard a lot about it going to give that a try. I usually will use like a child’s antiseptic foam.


I've been back and forth to see a dermatologist and have been put on countless courses of antibiotics, creams and other things to try and control it, I'm even on a diet and giving up smoking but I seem to be having a flare up at the moment..

I feel poorly sometimes with it, but not as bad as you've had it. Although in August last year, I was rushed up to hospital because a foul, horrible, enough to make you sick smell was coming from my armpit and I'm still conscious of it now as I've had my current scar on my armpit since November 2017.

I would go and see someone about it or ask your current GP or dermatologist for a second opinion.


Hello newbie,

I am sorry that you are going through so much pain due to this horrible condition. I was diagnosed about almost a year ago now and it isn’t the nicest thing to be stuck with. By any chance have you tried the medications spironolactone(spiroton) and cephalexin (keflex)?

These medications have been a godsend for me they work really really well. The spiroton I take everyday 2 tablets once daily to keep the HS at bay and from flaring up. And when I get a flare up I take my keflex right away and it starts working within about a couple hours no joke. The keflex is the antibiotic for flare ups 500mg 1 tablet 4 times daily.

Maybe you can reccomend these to your doctor and maybe give them a try if you hadn’t tried them yet. I also found apple cidar vinigar braggs brand with the mother helped to soothe my HS it also has anti bacterial properties the (mother) strand like hairs are very beneficial.

Let me know if this works out for you if you happen to try these meds or not if you don’t feel comfortable I am cool with that!

Please take care