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Suffered with HS for 10 years


I am new to this site and I have suffered with HS for 10years I was diagnosed when I was 19, my condition seems to be getting worse as I get older which it now effects my life daily, I have been put on loads of different medications and had 14 operations also have been prescribed creams and washes but nothing seems to help anymore, I am looking in to benefits as I cant keep a job since being made redundant a few years ago, I never pass the probation period with how many sick days I seem to be having off, was wondering if anyone had any information that could help me?

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Hi! As a coincidence I've been off from work for the past 10 years for crohn' s disease as well as hs. I'm unable to work because when it all flares up i can't sit neither walk. So I've been on incapacity benefits. You have to prove the severety of your condition, the treatments you've been on, the surgeries if any. It really depends on your condition. I had over 40 operations which includes skin removal, drainage, holes ... you also have to go to a medical assessment. Hope this will help you.


Hi, thank you for your reply, it's helped a lot. I've applied for them just waiting for them to contact me, I've not had as many ops as you I've only had 15 have so many scars and holes it's horrible, they are at the moment testing me for chrones as it's it's my family, things crossed I get somewhere, thanks again


Hi I've just joined this site today and saw your post. I have just been diagnosed. I started having the lumps when I was 21 and now I'm 52. Luckily only 4 drains in hospital. I don't know if it will help but I was told something by a lady locum Dr on one of my visits (who I think had a bit more sympathy for where my cysts/boils were) and she suggested using TALC. (This was over 10 years ago) I swear by this now as I've had many abscesses - but its only useful if you use it as soon as you 'feel' one of these lumps beginning...if your anything like me you 'know' when your about to get one; E.g when they are the size of a pea. I know sometimes they 'blow-up' overnight and there's not a lot you can do about those instances but when I get the opportunity I use the Talc and then cover with a simple dressing I get from Tesco to stop the 'friction' and this has stopped a lot of mine developing; it seems to dry out the spot/boil a little bit. I have had quite a few days off sick too and its 2 weeks off work every time you have to have a drain where they re-pack the wound cavity and work are not sympathetic; I think they think were making it up. I have read that HS is classed as a disability but I don't know if this is true. If it is true it might be easier to get disability benefits.


Hi I've been a sufferer of HS for about 15 years and have just found an aloe Vera gel with tea tree oil on Amazon which really helps taking the pain away and reducing the swelling, have only just started using it but been amazed by the results. Try it I so recommend it and it's natural.


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