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NODA Program is Designed to Diagnose Autism by the SARRC Specialists

NODA Program is Designed to Diagnose Autism by the SARRC Specialists

There are many articles and blogs, which have been written on autism. So, there is nothing more to say about how this neurological disorder (autism) is turning into a social disaster. According to CDC (Centre of Disease Control) data report, it is clear that the estimated data of autism diagnosed children is increasing dramatically day by day.

If we go through the 2008 data report, 1 out of 88 children were diagnosed and according to current CDC data report of 2010, it is 1 out of 68.

So, we need to be more aware of this genetic psychiatric disorder. Yes, unlike other brain disorders autism is strongly genetic, that's the reason why it is an incurable one.

Our goal is to improve the autistic disabilities to make the autistic children more social, because they are with social skill impairments.

The Therapeutic ways to Treat Autism:

1. As the children diagnosed with autism are mostly non-verbal, socially impaired with lack of eye contact, cognitive disabilities, repetitive/ stereotyped behaviour, so parents always prefer

#Behavioural intervention with physical therapies

#Language therapy

#ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) etc.

to reverse the autistic impaired skills

2. The next thing is restricted diet. The GF/ CF (Gluten free/ Casein free) diet is usually used by the parents to feed their autistic children.

Right now the concept has been changed a little. Broccoli, Cannabis have been found more effective to treat the autistic children, according to current research.

Sulforaphane in broccoli has been found as an antioxidant by researchers, which can prevent the formation of oxidant or free radicals, which can damage the DNA base pairs.

THC in cannabis has been found to enhance the neuronal signal transduction in an impaired autistic brain.

3. As autism is strongly genetic, and gene therapy for this brain disease is still under study with no discovery, so HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is one and only cellular oxygen therapy that involves high atmospheric pressure of oxygen, which can reverse the autistic disabilities by repairing the impaired neuronal tissues of an autistic brain.

The portable hyperbaric chambers with flash through system are now made to be installed at your homes, offices and clinics oxyhealth.com/portable-hype...

Autism Diagnosis:

But before treating autism we need to diagnose first. We know the diagnosis of autism is based upon the behavioural symptoms, mentioned above at the point number one under the section of “The Therapeutic ways to Treat Autism”. Diagnosis on or before the age of three can be beneficial for the children, to treat them as early as possible.

That's why a new program has been made to assist the parents so that they can identify whether their offspring is with autism or not, before an autistic victim crosses his/ her puberty.

NODA, Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment program (a pilot program) has been launched by SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Centre).

Working Phenomenon of NODA:

So, how does this program work?

It allows parents to record and submit the videos of their child's behaviour by using their smart-phones. The videos are then reviewed by the SARRC team to give a quick reply that, whether the little suspected victim of autism is with this neurological disorder or not.

This diagnosis can be done within two or three weeks by the SARRC clinicians and experts.

Early diagnosis can reduce the autistic symptoms by early treatment, but if the diagnosis is not done before the puberty stage of an autistic individual, then an autistic patient or child can turn into a patient of other psychiatric disorders. In most of cases, epileptic condition arrives after the late adolescence stage.

So, people and parents, whether with autistic child or not, must be aware of this thing that their offspring must be diagnosed as early as possible to ensure whether their child is with autistic disabilities or not.

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Hi. I feel compelled to respond as someone with a diagnosis for autism, whose step-daughter also has a diagnosisis and for the many people I know who are autistic.

I do not wish to come across as insensitive, but I would like to feel I can make a couple of points.

I wonder, are you from the USA? I know there are differences in how things are seen/communicated there to here (I'm in the UK). You are probably aware of how 'DSM 5' has led to some clear divisions of how things are regarded especially re 'autism' diagnoses. I also think some of your language may not translate so well here.

I am particularly uncomfortable with words and phrases such as 'making children more social', 'psychiatric disorders', 'brain disease', 'disabilities' and 'victim'. It almost sounds like you are forgetting that you a referring to people.

Ironically, such choice of language and seeming lack of empathy could attract criticism for behaving 'autistically'. And whilst I'd be the last to suggest that someone autistic shouldn't have an interest in these issues, precisely because of misunderstanding and ignorance across the board (but especially in the medical and education industries), we need to ensure that we don't 'score own goals' that 'feed' their misunderstandings and prejudices.

I'm sorry, but for me that was the most striking thing that became apparent when I was reading your post. You might suggest I am 'over-sensitive' and perhaps I am on such a subject. But if you are to communicate with people with neurodiversity in their families, I think you will find a fair bit of tension - to say the least - if you are not sensitive and caring in how you build relationships. That is also true for selling any product.

I'm afraid I was also rather repelled by the idea of using a smart phone app to record children and send videos to gain some form of diagnosis.

Whilst it can't be denied that it would be possible to record a large degree of quantitative data, I think again, there are questions regarding the remoteness of this communication. I think qualitative human interaction over time is a necessary part of properly getting to know anyone. I feel parents asking for advice on how to socially integrate their children by using such a method is a little perverse.

I definitely think you need to look at the 'child protection' issues of this too. Also whilst it might be assumed parents might believe they are acting in their child's interests, there could indeed be repercussions for later life.

However you clearly know something about 'autism'. For example I believe GF/CF diet can be very helpful - despite a huge amount of ignorance about it in places where you'd hope they'd know better such as special schools / foundation skills colleges . I am certainly interested in positve effects of broccoli and THC.

Please to not misunderstand that I would like to wish you all the best for your projects



Thanks for your deep thought and analysis. As I am a science guy, I have a responsibility to help others if there is a little treasure of science can help them like HBOT ihausa.org/hyperbaric-commu...

Yes, some phrase may hurt you. I am very sorry for that but you have to accept the vital truth and struggle to get rid off this genetic brain disease, autism.

I don't know about you and your profile has no information about it but thanks for interaction. Spread articles and blogs to-treat-autism.com to make people more aware of this broad spectrum disease, which may turn into epilepsy if it is not properly treated from the very early stage.

And yes broccoli and cannabis have good impacts to treat autism. you may go through this one linkedin.com/today/post/art...



You are highly offensive and ill informed. Autism is a genetic condition that cannot be cured. Autism does not turn into epilepsy - that is pure nonsense. I could go on remarking on the errors in your statement but I would be here all night. You are not qualified to make the statements you do. What is your field of expertise, science guy?


HI Autumnrainbow, my little friend,

You are some how right that autism is genetic and can't be cured as moreover 500 non-identical genetic variants are found and that's the reason that no gene therapy is found still now to fight back autism.

But you need to study a little bit before commenting. For reference, you may go through this article hbot-therapy.com/epilepsy-c... where you may found link between epilepsy and autism.

Autism is a disorder with multiple symptoms. It is not curable but we can reduce the symptoms by maintaining diets, HBOT therapy and there are many more ways like behavioural and physical interventions.

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3 years too late to the conversation but we recently started my 9 year old daughter on THC oil and the results were amazing. Her behaviors were so violent and self injurious that her ABA therapists, after insisting she wear a helmet to prevent damaging herself, dropped her completely because their therapists felt their safety was compromised. After starting her on a low dose of both THC and THCa her violent outbursts were reduced to almost zero. She is also more alert and her communication is much improved.