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Pesticides May Lead To Autism In The Newborn

Autism, a neurological disorder is widely spread through out our society. If we are looking for evidence, then the CDC data report of 2010 is enough to explain, which says 1 out of 68 children is suffering from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) in the U.S. One thing should be kept in mind that autism or ASD is incurable. One of the reasons for this incurable brain disease is, autism is not only a neurological but a genetic disorder too.

Apart From Genetic:

Although autism or ASD is under study to find out its ultimate cure but different studies reveal few things which cause autism. So apart from finding cure, we also have to be aware about the factors which are responsible for autistic disorders. Those factors are not genetic bio markers.

We all are familiar with a name and that is pesticide or pesticides.

Pesticides are used for different purposes, like these are used with fertilizers to save the crops from pests. But pesticides are not only used for crop fields, apart from that they are also used for domestic purpose also.


University of California, MIND Institute studied and found that mothers who are more exposed to organophosphates have two third increased risk of giving birth to a child with autistic disorder. It was proved if the exposure occurs during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, then the risk of having an autistic offspring increases by several folds.

According to the study, four classes of pesticides are included.

1. Organochlorines

2. Organophosphates

3. Pyrethroids

4. Carbamates

We already have discussed about the second one, organophosphates. The spraying of chlorpyrifos in the second trimester stage of a pregnant mother and spraying of organophosphates at the trimester stage elevates the risk of autism in the newborn.


Pyrethroids and carbamates are also associated with developmental delays, learning disabilities, impaired social activities and other autistic disorders among offspring if they are sprayed near a pregnant woman.


According to a population based case control study, it is already reported that the children at the age of 2-5 are found with developmental delays. But susceptibility of ASD in children is under control in case of those pregnant women, who are found farther away from the pesticides used agriculture fields.

There were a lot of controversies about environmental factors, whether they are responsible for autism or not. But it was later proven that the environmental factors are responsible for brain disorder. However, it is under study that how do pesticides cause autistic disorders in offspring?

Our Hope:

We have found more ways to fight back autism. Behavioral interventions, medications and therapies. One of most applied therapies is HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) oxyhealth.com/hyperbaric_th... with specially designed hyperbaric chambers. We will discuss it later but the goal of this study is awareness.


Mothers who are going to conceive have to take precautions from this non genetic factor. We have a hope about the day when autism will not be a serious issue for man kind. It is necessary to take more precautions and generate awareness can save our new generation from this social curse.

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Fascinating theory and interesting report. Environmental causes are, in my opinion the most likely cause of ASD. Lead in the water equally a culprit in the quest for an answer. The most interesting part is where the pregnant woman is closer to the spraying the more serious form of the disease. And the further away from the spray the milder the ASD. If only we could persuade Governments to fund more research we could save or cure more children with ASD.


Not only that, some mutagens are also a part of this neurological disorder as autism is strongly genetic. So we need to do soil test with different proteomic and genomic study. And the research also should go through with a protocol and ready to use kits.

Because apart from pesticides, different microbes of soil are also going to be mutant due to the effects of pesticides. Some of those microbes maintain a give and take relation with plants like a relation between pea plants and microbes resides in rizobium of pea plants. So researchers should go through a detailed metagenomic soil study with a ready to use DNA isolation kits for soil. For further study anyone may go through goo.gl/paS6xP.

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