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advice needed for funding residential college or assisted living for recently diagnosed 17 yr old

my 17 yr old son has just been diagnosed on the spectrum. He refuses to go to college or leave the house and spends day and night in his room listening to rap music and youtube clips. I'm exasperated at his lack of desire to do anything and the inability to get him to leave the house. Our family is in crisis and feel that my son would benefit from a residential school where he would have to engage with learning and independent living. can anyone advise about options ie LEA funding or support for assisted living?

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I would suggest you contact OASSIS (?) for advice....... in my experience adult funding cuts off the second the person is 18 so get yr skates on. Meanwhile ask about enablers via National Autistic Society to support both your son AND the Family from Social Services, they SHOULD provide direct payments for this. What support if any is there in college.??

He could claim EmploYment Support Allowance in his own right (Speak to Citizen's Advice)/Carers'Support with a view to supported living. He who Shouts the loudest seems to get the most. It is nigh-on impossible to get funding for residential care so be warned


Thank you so much for the advice. I will get onto it.


Hi, I'd love to know how you get on. I feel the same. My son chooses to do nothing to help himself although he is physically capable of doing so and feel he would also benefit from having to take part and engage with others, but as long as he stays at home this is not going to happen, but fear enforcement might tip him over the edge.


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