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Looking for Discordant Hetero Couples for Questions

Hi All,

I'm a straight male in a new relationship with my galpal. We are sexual and have, after consulting with my doctor, and her doing research (she's a nurse), that we will opt for unprotected sex. I've been undetectable for years, CD4 count of 550 and 42%.

She/we would like to hear how other discordant couples are doing, any challenges, are you using protection, those sorts of things.

Would be grateful for your thoughts.

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Hello Lovems,

Congratulations on starting a new r/ship, with some one who sounds committed and r/sponsible, yay, there's hope for me yet.

That's all I can add to this conversation as I'm yet to date with my status,

The recent research is saying it is safe and I would rely on what my consultant says and yours has said go ahead it is safe?

I can understand your caution, (?) the responsibility we carry is enormous and it would be scary just in case etc but i would feel reassured by my consultant and I trust mine implicitly and the research seems to be pretty solid.

The very best wishes to you both x


I'm in a serodiscordant relationship and also have ditched condoms, with the doctors blessings. Makes a massive difference to our love life but really does need both partners to agree and accept the (minuscule theoretical) risks that come with it.

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