Andrew 29 been poz for about 6 years now and when I found out tbh I was in shock but laughed never let it get the better of me I know stigma comes with it it always will a lot of people show interest then when find out just delete or block you there's nothing worse but I just let it wash over me and see it as well it just shows what kind of person they actually are so to everyone hang in there much love xoxo

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  • Hey

  • How are u ?

  • Hi Andy. That used to happen to me too. I found it frustrating and hurtful, it made me feel like a leper. I have a partner now who is positive so it's no longer an issue but I don't tell new friends. I don't want to be outed

  • Good for u dude 👍 Ye that's the only thing people like to talk and gossip so many bitchy people around here

  • Hey Andy, yea some love to gossip about it - and they are usually the ones that shag about bare too whilst proudly displaying their negative status on their profiles! Grrr I could rant on but - breathe! Stay strong guys x

  • True true

  • You're very cute btw x

  • Cheers how are u

  • Yeah I'm fine thanks, where you from

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