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Lookin for help to increase CD4 count


Hi everyone ive not been on here for a while becoz i have been ill due to being diagnosed with IPF (IDEOPATHIC PULMORY FIBROSIS)..not HIV related by the just incase u were wondering but becoz of my HIV status (im positive..have been for 17yrs)..i am being told that the chance of me getting on transplant list..my only hope..r very slim due to the fact that my CD4 Count is less than 400...its 200...my partner died nearly 6 yrs ago & i never took my meds properly & becoz of this my CD4 Count dropped real low now i need to increase it urgently..im on new drugs which i take correctly..have been since July & im undetectable but need any advice/help to try & increase my CD4 count asap...the pronosis of IPF is not great..so might not get it up in time..CD4 count that is..please help x 😉

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Dear Stevie,

I am sorry to hear about both your loss and your IPF. I am however glad to hear you are now on new meds and you are taking them properly. I had a quick search about increasing your CD4 count and HIV i-Bas have a lot of information on their web site. I used to work for them so I trust them as an organisation. Like up most of the people working there are also living with HIV so know about the many complexities of our lives.

A good place for you to start is


I know it is a long URL, it is the result from a search string about getting your CD4 count up.

I hope things go well for you.

All the best of the seasons greetings.

Kind Regards,


Thank u for ur kind words & ur advice...i will def checkout the info u suggested...will try a,thing tbh...hope u have a good Xmas x 😉

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA. I'm sorry to hear about your partner's passing and your demise. CD4 counts can easily rebound in a year, if: meds are taken properly and on time, eating a low-cholesterol heart-heathy diet without so many processsed foods, and exercise (according to your doctors suggestion).

I am very sorry that your lover passed away. Hang in there, life does get better.

The key to increased cd4 count includes quite a few practices that you need to implement into your daily life.

First, complete adherence to your medication regimen. I cannot stress this enough. You have to take your meds on a schedule. Take at same time every day. You may want to set a reminder alarm to keep you on track.

Second, if you drink alcohol or do drugs you will want to stop consumption. It's okay to have a drink once in a while. But, if there are other substances involved, your medication will not have the chance to fully absorb into your body. Alcohol affects each and every cell in your body. No exceptions.

Cannabis use is actually very beneficial for HIV patients. Although, smoking cannabis is not as good for you as other avenues of ingestion. Look into the other consumption methods, and read testimonials from people who's lives have been greatly improved from cannabis.

Third, which just is as important as #1.

Change your diet to as much whole foods as you can. Whole foods are fresh, unprocessed food ( fresh veggies, fruits, eggs, meats, etc) Processed foods are awful for anyone no matter what their health situation is.

The more natural the food you eat, the more naturally your body can utilize the nutrients. When you put processed or "junk food" into your body there simply isn't enough positive nourishment to properly fuel the body.

It's kinda like fueling your car with bad gas. You lose power from the motor because the gas is sybpar, it pings and hesitates, and your mileage is awful.

Your body goes through the same thing with processed foods.

I hope that this helps with some insight on my part.

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