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Left my medicine in Car for 2 hours!

Hi all,

I left my hiv medicine inside the car for almost two hours. I am from the philippines so the temperature that time is about 33 degrees C. Based on the container label, it should be kept in a room temperature not more than 30 degrees. Now my question is - is this still safe to be taken? I am afraid of developing resistance due to low potency caused by heat. Please help me.

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I think it is ok and you shouldn't worry.


I did the same mistake once. I was told by my doctors to take them since no physical alternation was noticed on my pills. I am not so sure I did the right thing though. How many pills did you leave in the car? I know my reply comes late but if you left only a few doses and you can skip them, skip them. If not take them normally. Impossible to know how much or if, the pills are affected. Usually they are not very vulnerable and two hours in high heat (temperature in the car rises well above the temperature outside) shouldn't cause a big issue or else we would have known. Don't worry though. This is a common mistake.


all in the bottle.


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