Help with my surgery please

Hello i am having surgery on the 6th of april and i am having a cyst/ growth removed from my head it has came from the hiv meds and need help paying the down payment i am short about 400 dollars I have 2 more days to come up with the down payment by march 31 please any amount will help

I have created a gofundme account and I have almost 5,000 friends and no one has donated yet will u be the first to donate please help here is the link THANK YOU SO MUCH

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  • Hi James. I really hope you got the money together for you operation. Personally I am on a very limited budget and am not in a position to help you, sorry. But I wanted to wish you luck. It's so odd to us here in the uk to think about paying for treatments or operations. All ours are free on our WONDERFUL NHS 

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