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Work abroad

Dear all. I would love to talk n get details n facts about working abroad whilst we are HIV+. I know Europe don't require HIV test. Gulf area in the Middle East do require HIV test. Does anyone know about Singaphore , Newsland or Iceland or any countries that do not require the HIV test. I know US n maybe Canada don't require it but Australia does. Await your responses. Thanks

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I know it's slightly off point but whilst I'd like the same answers as you, I've been put off the working abroad scenario on the basis of "how can you get a steady long term supply of ARVs?"

As far as I know the NHS will only supply a max of 4 months of ARVs at a time which obviously means regular trips home to collect drugs.

Within the EU you should be able to register locally with whatever HIV service there is and have your HIV monitored and receive you drugs locally but outside the EU no chance I'd have thought

I lived in France for a couple of years but decided to keep my HIV treatment and care in the UK so coming home every few months for a bit wasn't much of a problem as it's only a short cheap flight away but further afield? I don't know.


Dear jackbourne, Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Same here. I am in Ireland and I am dealing with a consultant. I have a visit every 3 months now and could be every 6 months in the near future.

Ireland is good but work perspective is not the best to be honest. I have been looking to find another job but to no avail so that's why I am trying to look for something outside.

I have contacted the to see if they could shed some lights on this

I hope that you are doing well.



New Zealand and China do, Thailand does not but I am still researching now.


Thanks David. Just sent you a text :-) USA lifted the HIV test. Arab n gulf countries in the Middle East is a must. Thailand lifted the barrier. Australia reviews applications on the basis of case by case. The one I'm not too sure which I would love to know is Singaphore. I have read on a website that they don't require HIV test unless you are going there to be a teacher ! If you find any information about other countries please share it with us. Many thanks.


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