I'm new to this community I'm a 30 year old Hispanic male. About 5 years ago I had unprotected sex with someone who said was clean but wasn't sure since he never would go get checked out. I would go about every 3 ~ 4. I don't blame the person who infected me the blame belongs to me. i have been positive for 5 years undetectable for 4 years. Went through a wide range of emotions, mostly lonelyness, anger at myself. I would drink alcohol to forget. At times I would drink so much I'd blackout that in combo with medication which I think intensified the alcohol. About a year ago I met a negative partner who had been so supportive and understanding I'm still surprised that we found each other. I feel much better now. We live together he's starting prep next month. Please ask me any questions, I think the more we share the more we educate others and help fight stigma and ignorance.

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  • Where are you guys located?

  • I like your idea but I don't know if am living with hiv virus but I don't have good income so I need support I am living in swedn stockholm so can i get hiv fundation please help me

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