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One week post Harvoni

I finished Harvoni treatment x 8 weeks, 1 week ago today.

Hep C Genotype 1 a.

2.5 million down to 110 in 4 weeks,

Undetectable at 6 weeks.

It's all good folks.

Have had some facial swelling and joint stiffness.

Other than that,bloods came back undetected.

Goodluck to EVERYONE. You can do this.


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Reading stories like these give many hope that these treatments work.the disease is treatable and people dont have to die.im elated for you.harvoni is very effective i hear.i took Mavyret and it seems to have worked as well.i go see the doctor the end of august..please pray for me and others that this ugly virus leaves goes away forever.i changed my lifestyle too no alcohol or anything harmful💜