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Transaminaze High Level

Hi. I'm 36 years old, and just found out that I have to remove by surgery my gallbladder becouse of gallstones.

I'm concerned couse in my last blood test, the levels of transaminaze is very high ALT 582 u/l and AST 201 u/l. In other hand my liver is normal, in shape and size.

Wondering if this high levels might be caused by my gallbladder disfunction or maybe smth else I should worry about

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Try and Just worry about one thing at a time the gallbladder don’t start looking for more the doctors will tell you. I found this at google.com/amp/s/www.livest...

“Because of their intimate association, gallbladder dysfunction can adversely affect the liver, manifesting as an elevation in certain key enzymes, namely the transaminases ALT and AST.” So your ok just gallbladder is having a problem. Not knowing you I wonder why you would be worried about anything else. So This may be a time to accept a lifestyle change like diet & exercise and if you drinking or whatever you will want to consider cutting back and taking precautions and don’t put your liver at risk. Because once it starts to go it sucks and the progression of Cirrhosis is tough from your head to your toes something is going to change, Here is one example that is daily, I went into the kitchen 3 times and stood there wondering wtf do I want because of my Hepatic encephalopathy, then I realized and finally remembered I was going to get the mail at the front door. So Take care of yourself especially that liver. When I had my gallbladder removed gangrene had already set in I was a mess and it hurt bad one nurse described the pain as riding in a buckboard wagon Down a rocky road delivering triplets. You will need to watch your diet afterwards.


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