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Quick intro

I’m a 62 year old Carer for my husband, I was diagnosed with HepC and cirrhosis in October 2017, this came as a total shock and I have no idea where I caught it or how long I’ve had it. I am currently being treated for the HepC and they’ve also found stomach varices ... scary times.

I live in Cheshire and share my life with my husband and our two small dogs. We have a son and three grandchildren who I would love to see grow up. I knit, walk, read and am a keen amateur photographer.

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Hello. I have hep c also and had it for 18 years. Iam starting treatment in January. It reads positive that you have a structured lifestyle as Iam wiped out with this virus.maybe ask your specialist for treatment success rate is between 92/99% so u may have good chance of recovery😊