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Do you know your pulse?


Do you know your heart rhythm? Is it too fast, too slow, or jumping around (irregular?) it could be an arrythmia (a heart rhythm disorder) Learn how to take your pulse to monitor your heart rhythm, it really could save your life – to find out more on how to take your pulse, please follow the link

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Hi. Looked at your video clip. I have LBBB. I can do radial pulse for 30 seconds, with a regular beat, then the next 30 seconds can be totally different so I always do 60 seconds. My Omron tells me I have arrythmia (useful) with a pulse of 40 which is not accurate because I then check the pulse and it is usually about 60.I was surprised yesterday because I had a visit to the foot clinic (can't manage own foot care at moment due to hip arthritis) the clinician did a doppler and picked up the arrythmia nicely! Fortunately I knew about it.

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