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Vagal nerve ?


I have been two days without a single PVC but today they have returned. Its been bliss without them but they are back accompanied by coughing and blurping symptoms that had practically disappeared along with the ectopic beats. My question is how can you know if the irregular heart beat is caused by the Vagal nerve whatever that is ? I ask due to the excess blurpings and rumblings in my stomach whenever the PVCs are around.

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I have no medical knowledge but I am sure that my pvcs (10 years) come from gas in the stomach or bowels irritating the vagus nerve. I reduced pvcs by cutting out all fizzy drinks (incl lager) and being careful not to swallow air while sipping hot drinks. I also find that talking a lot makes me swallow air. If I still get them I massage my stomach which produces a burp (or gas from the other end) and this usually gives relief.

The vagus nerve is the largest and most important nerve in the body, it travels all through the body near many organs. It is said to have links to many disorders. It runs close to the heart. There are many triggers to irregular heart rhythms, it finding what triggers you.

KopEnd in reply to LaceyLady

I know but its very difficult to actually pinpoint a trigger. I dont drink alcohol and I dont drink caffeine neither do I smoke and never take any meds with stimulants. Food wise who knows what it could be although I also avoid anything that contains MSG.

LaceyLady in reply to KopEnd

There is also a genetic link. I think it was on my fathers side.

Mine always end with a burp.

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