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Long QT interval

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Hi everyone, I have never posted on here before and not sure if it's the correct group but I really would like some advice.

I have been for an ECG and the GP mentioned that I had a prolonged QT. I have been having lots of palpations and a peculiar sensation in my chest which goes up to my chin. The GP didn't say if I needed any further monitoring. Am I ok to carry on as normal?

I also have an underactive thyroid and Pernicious Anaemia.

6 Replies

Hello Victoria. Yes, this is probably the right place to post if you have palpitations. The subject has been aired before - see earlier posts like healthunlocked.com/heartrhy...

However I hope you will get some useful responses.

I have to say this seems to be a sleepy forum where posts get few replies. There is a more active and well informed forum (AF Association) dedicated to Atrial Fibrillation which is a couple of steps up from palpitations.

Palpitations can be tedious and may be the sign of a heart that might in time become wilful.

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Thanks for your reply I will take a look.

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I'm not sure if this will be the same for yourself but when I had a prolonged QT I had some follow up tests such as a repeat ECG, 72 hour monitor and an echo. Maybe a chat with your GP to see if there is any follow up needed?


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Victoria1990 in reply to Margeyonahill

Hi Marge, thanks I will make an appointment with my GP. I’m waiting for an appointment for and exercise ECG as my heart rate drops every now and again plus I’ve been having some weird feelings in my chest which radiate to my chin, not really painful just uncomfortable.

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Margeyonahill in reply to Victoria1990

Your welcome, hope you get sorted soon!

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Definitely push for more tests! Women are SO often misdiagnosed with stress , there was a recent newspaper article this week .It took me many years and lots of tests to get correct diagnosis. Good Luck. Take a look at Dr Sanjay Gupta, York Cardiology, he has a Facebook page, great videos on YouTube and there’s a WhatsApp group that you can join. I found all the info either here or on AF Assoc page. The info really helped me after ablation. Hope that you get sorted soon, try to relax and reduce stress and eat bananas for magnesium 💖

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