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Changes to afib and other options for a brighter future

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Strange few days but getting there! I have known for 2yrs now that I've got paroxysmal a-fib, and had spoken to consultants about an ablation, as I'm 41. I've been on a low level of flecainide for the duration and all was OK, but then having been unwell during December, my HR went up and legs/breathing were bad. Ended up in hospital for a week with HR at 250+ and low BP.

Just could not get HR lower than 120 and all changes to meds were sending BP to my boots! But think we might be on the right road... Today HR has gone to 80-90 and BP has gone up!! Hip hip hooray!! :-) changes to meds eventually yesterday, and slightly higher dose of beta blocker has come good, so after spending Christmas in hospital I might be going home!!

3 Replies

I'm very surprised that there have been no replies to your post and can only say I'm really sorry I've not looked in here for a few days. I hope you are home now.

You may find another HealthUnlocked forum - the AF Association - might be relevant. It is a lively forum with plenty of active contributors.

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Thanks, I did get home on NYE. And I've had ablation done 6wks ago. Things seem OK. I'm on a few site groups and also an FB group which is good. Cheers

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Have a very happy new year ! I wish you luck on your brighter future!

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