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Anyone with Children with SVT and had Ablation? Long Post Sorry.

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Hi Guys,

First time posting on this forum. Bit of background My 10yo Daughter was diagnosed with SVT when she was 8 but it was going on for at least a year before this but could never be recorded on an ecg as the episode would stop everytime we got to a&e :-(

Anyway I ended up purchasing a handheld ecg montior which she brought everywhere with her to record episode of svt and we eventually got her diagnosis. She had been on Bisprolo 2.5mg for 6 months and recently started to get breakthrough SVt so they upped it to 4mg on review. She then had a breakthough episode again last week while exercising which was unusal because she is very active and it has never triggered it before. thankfully she had her monitor and took a reading of 248bpm . When I downloaded the Ecg to my computer it just didnt look right to me. I've obviously seen her reading many times and they usually look very uniform in nature where the reading on this one was much more erratic so I printed it off and brought it into her consultant to put on her file.

That was last thursday and now we've been told that the specialist who does the Catheter ablations wants to get her done in the next few weeks and definitely before Christmas!!

Obviously I am extremely nervous as to what they seen that caused them to bump her up the list so quickly as we were originally told it would be about a 2 year wait and they prefer that the child is a bit older before they do the ablation. I am just wondering is there anyone on the forum who had had the ablation done or has a child who has had it done that can give me a bit of reassurance. Thanks in advance

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Dear Karenk13, because the procedure is very safe and when the svt can be induced in the lab it can be totally fixed for ever! If the svt starts to come more seldom it may not be induced in the lab and then not possible to ablate.

I my self am already in my 50s and had my first svt at 7 yrs, at that time it was not possible to do ablations. My first ablation attempt was done last year but they could not induce the svt. This condition has caused my so much trouble and an immense disability. I would not be afraid, just hope the svt gets induced in the lab. The doctors that do these are very talented. Please, be very happy that this will possibly be totally cured asap.

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Thank you ninusl1 we are looking foirward to the day where we don't have to worry about a sneaky SVt episode running the day

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