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Hello...I'm new to this forum...I have collapsed 4 times this year in VT...had lots of tests my heart is normal....

At the end of this month I am going into the lab for my 3rd attempt at ablation..they have not been able to provoke the VT.

Last Friday it happened again...I'm now on 5mg Bisoprolol....


I work in Cardiology so luckily feel very safe at work....but suffering a bit mentally :(

My favourite thing to do is walk my dogs..we used to walk for miles in the middle of no where...I miss that !!!

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I had the same problem. (and also a dog walker). Collapsing every month or so. Ended up with a pacemaker over 4 years ago after having a lot of “you’re normal” from Cardiology over a 12 month period. Saw a different Cardiologist, had an implanted monitor, collapsed again within a week and ended up in A+E with a smashed face! Within 24 hours they put in a dual lead pacemaker. No problems since. Just take 2mg of Bisoprolol every day and happily go dog walking, bodyboarding and everything else! (I’m 63 but now feel about 25!) Ask for a second opinion. Good luck.


I have VT too.

I am 40.

I have had it for a few years now.

I too have a 'normal' heart.

I know my Thyriod plays a huge part in my VT.

I am on Flecanide now...I have been on the beta blockers you are on...But Flecanide I find is amazing.

I take Carbizamole for my Thyroid, but when my Dr increased my tablets my VT came on 7 times!

Which proves to me the hormones play a huge part in my VT.

Thats why I mention Thyroid problems?

Best wishes!


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