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Coping with AF

Coping with AF

I have recently been taken into hospital with severe chest pain and palpitations. Told doctors I had just been shopping and had been meeting friends, they asked if I had alcohol or coffee, said no alcohol but had coffee. They said the caffeine in coffee is a heart stimulant and I could try decaffeinated. I am wondering what other foodstuffs etc could cause palpitations?

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Hi Elizabeth,

If you have AF you may find more answers in the AF Association part of Health Unlocked, it's a friendly and helpful forum with lots of info.

I was also told to avoid caffeine but actually it made no difference to my AF, what did give me more palpitations was sugary foods which would make my heart race. Since having an ablation three months ago I've been free of AF so can't really give any more tips,

Good luck, Jane

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Chocolate does it for me!especially dark,which I liked!


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