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Anxiety or something else??

I’m so fed up with these palpitations!! The last 7 months I’ve had racing heart which I ended up in hospital for a few times due to having huge panic attacks at the same time and getting so worked up. They have never found anything each time just that my heart was 150 once or twice but I was really worked up! My rhythm was still normal apparently so they wasn’t concerned. I’ve had loads of ECGS a chest x Ray and 24 hour monitor nothing’s came back apart from like I said the fast heart rate but once I had calmed down it came down on its own! The last 2 months I’ve not had any of these episodes but now I have skipped beats where I feel like it’s stops then thuds after and it’s so scary, I’ve been told they’re not dangerous but they sure feel like it!!! Is my heart just going to stop?

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Hi Lauren. I'm not a medical professional but I'm sure your heart isn't going to stop. Before I was diagnosed with afib, my heart used to do this all the time and frightened the life out of me. It still does it and I'm still alive! Does your GP think your racing heart is down to stress and are you bring treated for it? Also, keep an eye on the amount of caffeine you drink.


They said the racing heart and skipped beats is anxiety but my anxiety can’t actually accept that lol! I keep thinking every time I get one as it feels like my heart will stop then thud after it that I’m just going to die from them!


I know......that pause until it beats again feels like forever! But it will and you won't die 😁


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