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Heart all over the place


I have been experiencing pvcs and pacs for 15 years , also about an episode of slow svt or two per year. Lately my pvcs and pacs have increased to at times several within a minute at times, and occasionally when I get up from laying down either my heart rates speeds up to over 100 bpm or more oddly slows down to in the high 30s low 40s for a minute. Have been to cardiologist who says mitro valve prolapse and mitro regurgitation present, however, these don't seem like they could cause these issues to the extent that they are so bothersome to me. Went to emergency room when pvcs were present to where they seemed unbearable and all checked out as benign. This is really causing me worry which in turn is probably making the focus on them worse. Als Yes have vertigo from inner ear issues. Anyone in the same boat ?

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